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I'm a magician, a member of IBM Ring 216, and I teach Fun With Magic, as part of the Fremont Union High School District's Adult Education program.
I'm a programmer, developing mobile apps with Corona SDK, and not-so-mobile apps for the HP 3000 (MPE/iX).
I collect antique computers, Wizard of Oz books and artwork, and went to The Wizard of Oz Centennial Convention.
I like listening to KPIG, the world's first internet streaming radio station.
See here for information on listening to KPIG on an iPad or iPhone.
Does the light go out when you close the refrigerator door? (answer here)
Two Palm PDA notes: Installing a WristPDA and a "normal" Palm on the same computer, and FAT16 vs FAT32 on a Palm.
I use PayPal, and I wish everyone did.
My idea on using cellphones to report car location/speed
Books I recommend at
Old review of HP terminal emulators for the IBM PC and HP 150
Sayings for the 21st Century
I collect working old computers...usually ones that I used once upon a time, or ones that I would have liked to have owned. I'm currently looking for a number of old computers, including: IBM 5100, IBM 5110, IBM 5120, MCM (APL desktop from Canada), IMSAI 8080, Altair, Jupiter ACE, Ithaca Audio (with front panel switches & lights), Exidy Sorcerer, and an Ampere (laptop APL computer). I'm also looking for an HP 300 ("Amigo" from 1978), other old desktop HP computers (e.g., 9830), and for an HP 9100.

I'm now also looking for Commodore hard disk drives (CBM-9060 and CBM-9090, also known as "Model D9060" and "Model D9090").

Here is a partial want list.

News: Epson RC-20.

My eBay idea.
I exhibited at the Sixth Annual Vintage Computer Festival (October 10/11, 2003).
I attended the Fifth Annual Vintage Computer Festival, 2002.
I exhibited at the Fourth Annual Vintage Computer Festival (2000).
I exhibited at the Third Annual Vintage Computer Festival (1999).
I attended the Second Annual Vintage Computer Festival, 1998.

(For information about the Vintage Computer Festival, check

I was hit by credit card fraud.
Accessing RCA RP5022 Digital Voice Recorder files on a Mac: here.
I traveled to Bangalore, India, in June 1997. Here's my Bangalore trip report.

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Old Favorite

Note: the comments I make are precisely that: my comments. They do not necessarily reflect any opinions of Allegro Consultants, Inc.

Unusual Items




Timings for 16 GB SDHC cards.

Custom keyboard map for WRQ's Reflection X. This map provides some missing keys/capabilities. Of possible interest to users with other X servers if they interact with HP's "hpterm", because it documents a few keycodes they could use.

(Under construction) Sol Personality Modules
Misc pages about HP computers/peripherals:
Lexmark Lexbook MB10
How I Got Started in Programming
Zenith's "Allegro" remote control info
Miscellaneous phrases: "Management by blundering around".
A fire sprinkler test ... worth viewing!
"Those who do not understand Unix are condemned to reinvent it, poorly."
[Henry Spencer, Nov. 1987]
"Those who understand Unix get to reinvent it, better."
[Stan Sieler, 2006-02-01]

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