Lexmark Lexbook MB10

I recently found a Lexmark "Lexbook MB10", which is an interesting 8088 laptop.

Screen:     monochrome 80x25 (?), 8.25" diagonal
Speed:      user-varied, up to 10 MHz (?)
Power:      12v DC, 0.8 amp, positive tip
RAM:        1280K (uses about 704K for MSDOS, the rest is RAM disk?)
Mouse:      built-in mini-mouse, uses a mouse "key" (sort of like a joystick)
            (see lower right corner of keyboard).
            keyboard has left and right click buttons (left of spacebar).
Ports:      one 9-pin Serial; one 25-pin Parallel; earphone jack
PCMCIA:     two type I (or II?) (configured as drives A and B)
Battery:    internal Ni-Cad; three button (CR-22?)
Indicators: LCD strip above keyboard with seven indicators:
               B drive access, Caps Lock, Num Lock, Scroll Lock, 
               button batteries low, main battery low, and A drive access.
ROM software:
            PowerPad Systems BIOS 1.08 (1995)
            PacRim parallel-port floppy driver
            MS-DOS Version 5.00
            Stacker (?)

Sticker on bottom:
   Model No:   MB1378519 (or: MB1878519? (second digit smudged))
   Serial No:  000xx     (two digit serial number!)
   08-Feb-94   MADE IN USA
   FCC ID. IYL1378519

The bootup also says "running on MiniBook PC".

My Lexbook came with a 1 MB PCMCIA memory card in drive B, which has a set of software (word processor, InstaCalc). (more later)

Note: this appears to be a different machine than the Lexbook SE10.

The only known page at www.lexmark.com that has any reference to any Lexbook is http://www.lexmark.com/canada/corporate/year2000.html, which says: