Putting a Sportster to Good Use

Note: story & pictures from 1992! The Sportster appears to have improved since then.

After many trials and travails with our USR Sportster modem (external model), we finally found a good use for it...
which involved introducing Mr. Sportster to Mr. Sledgehammer!

(You can read the full story here.)

A pictorial history of the introduction of Mr. Sportster to Mr. Sledgehammer follows.

(USR Sportster 14.4 Fax Modem) A USR Sportster 14.4 working about as well as usual.
Yes, it isn't plugged in ... and so it isn't working.
So, what's new?

Our office had a contest for the honor of introducing Mr. Sportster to Mr. Sledgehammer:
(picture of our office manager, with sledge hammer) Our office manager, Cindy Scott ( cindy@allegro.com) won.

Cindy introduces Mr. Sportster to Mr. Sledgehammer:

(picture of sledge hammer, about to hit Mr. Sportster) The Sportster, about to be useful for a change.

Mr. Sportster meets Mr. Sledgehammer:
(picture of sledge hammer hitting Mr. Sportster) Wild applause!

Mr. Sportster met Mr. Sledgehammer:
(picture of crunched Sportster) More Wild applause!

The good use? Keeping Mr. Sledgehammer in shape!

(Note: we've had very good success using USR Courier modems...as modems... they seem very reliable and we recommend them.)