The following trivial enhancement to eBay would eliminate "sniping" ... which would improve the bidding process for the vast majority of bidders, and be better for sellers.

A simple idea, exceedingly easy to implement. Yet, it provides for fairer auctions. With this system, a last-second bidder (attempting to get a bargain basement price) would cause an extension of the auction for another 5 minutes, providing plenty of time for the prior high-bidder (or others!) to bid again.

It has no drawbacks to bidders other than the last-second bidder... who might no longer be able to get a "steal" (because someone else could now respond). It has no drawbacks to the sellers ... and would sometimes increase the selling price a bit.

What? The selling price is higher? Isn't that bad for the bidders? No...think about it! The only time the price is higher is if a bidder who would have lost otherwise responded to a last-second bid! That was the personal choice of the new bidder!

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NOTE: this idea partially solves the "bid shielding" problem (see: for a description of this eBay problem), but a full solution would be to disallow retractions made within 5 minutes of original closing time!