appear to have trouble thinking clearly...let me explain the idea differently...

The following trivial enhancement to eBay would eliminate "sniping", and improve the bidding process for the seller and the vast majority of bidders.

A simple idea, exceedingly easy to implement. Yet, it provides for fairer auctions. With this system, a last-second bidder (attempting to get a bargain basement price) would cause an extension of the auction for another 5 minutes, providing plenty of time for the prior high-bidder (or others!) to bid again.


Drawbacks: Note: the slightly higher average price isn't a drawback, because *YOU DON'T HAVE TO BID IF THE PRICE IS TOO HIGH*. And, this doesn't mean that the average bidder pays higher prices. Why? Because we're discussing eliminating *sniping*...the average bidder already lost the auction and *isn't* paying anything!

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