On 2003-01-10, I bought the Nutshell Treo 600 case (with belt loop), from Nutshell, and had it shipped from New Zealand. It arrived very quickly.

I love it!

There's one problem, however. Unlike my prior case, the Nutshell Treo 600 is so comfortable (I wear it horizontal) that I usually forget I'm wearing my Treo 600! Thus, I often forget to take it out and charge it! Before, when it was uncomfortable to sit with my old case, it was easy to remember to charge it :)

Updated: 2005-10-10. My brother-in-law's Nutshell Treo 600 case (purchased in late 2002) developed a small tear. Tuff-As-Nuts went far beyond what the warranty would have suggested was necessary ... truly splendid customer support.