Netiquette forbids me from listing the person's name or email address, but "disco" is in the ".de" domain name.

This person managed to prove to me that "no good deed goes unpunished" (Today, 2009-05-16).

I had received some emails from a mailing list I didn't know I was on... and then some more came in, from other members of the list, asking to be unsubscribed. Then some more came in, complaining about those.

I immediately knew what had happened ... I'd seen it before. Someone had setup a mailing list and screwed up, allowing anyone to send to it instead of just the owner/moderator.

I posted a polite message telling people that's what had happened.

I posted a second polite message, telling people how to unsubscribe from the list.

I got several dozen "thank you" emails, including a few from major names in magic (thanks!). I also got half a dozen nasty emails from peope who didn't (or couldn't) read and/or understand what I'd written. (Some thought I was in charge of the mailing list, and was responsible for the firestorm of messages ... even a child would have understood otherwise.)

The 'disco' guy, however, went above and beyond the rest in nastiness.

When I explained again, privately, he got worse.

Some people really have to work to be nasty, and he (?) succeeded.

Will he(?) see this? I don't know ... and I suspect he'd ignore it if he did. I hope that someday he gets the psychological treatment he so clearly needs, and apologizes. I'm not holding my breath :)'s