Thinking of buying a Merax eSATA Xpress? (2-port ExpressCard/34 for eSATA) (p/n 194-016, aka "ExpressCard", aka CE-S13-7210-11-030601)

My recommendation: DON'T!

I bought one on 2009-01-14 at Fry's. The packaging said it had "exclusive Mac OS X support" (since SaiTek has a similar product, I'm not sure what "exclusive" means, anyway :)

Inside was a thin manual ... no mention of Mac OS X, just Windows. I went to the website and downloaded the current manual ... identical :(

On the included CD there was no obvious .dmg or .app file (or anything else that said to me "hi, I'm for a Mac"). I found a possible Mac driver buried on the disk ... started to install it and the Mac OS died in the most charming way.

I emailed support ... which seems to be at Silicon Image ... no answer.

I clicked on the "download drivers" link. It took me to a page at ... which asked me what model card I had (sheesh, the link should have been to the correct/direct page, since the page author knew I was coming from the eSATA Xpress page ... but that would have exceeded the level of competence I'd come to expect from Merax).

The Silicon Image support page has a list of several dozen products ... NONE of which have the same name or number as the eSata Xpress. Sigh. Indeed, none had a similar enough description that I was willing to try them.

Update: 2009-01-21 :: I noticed the phrase "Silicon Image SiI 3132 SATALink Controller" on the last page of the "manual" ... that may correlate to "SiI3132 - PCI Express (1x) to 2 Port SATA300", one of the choices on the Silicon Image web page. The SiI1313 has a Mac driver, which I've downloaded and will try tomorrow.

(Update: 2011-06-04 ... gave up on it)