Saturday, 1997-06-21        Trip Report #12

Today, we had an extra day of work to teach SPL.  About 8 to 10
people volunteered to come in on the weekend.  Actually, quite a number
of engineers are in the office today, working.

Normally, nearly everyone has a hot lunch delivered to them, by a
lunch service.  Frequently, you'll see 3 or 4 people gathered together,
sharing their respective lunches (or at least, the sauces and breads).

However, the lunch people don't deliver on weekends (or at least, not on
short notice), and none of the students had brought a lunch.  Gopi (manager
of some of the people) polled the group, and we decided on "delivery" pizza.
(From "US Pizza", whose slogan is "the taste of America")

So, we passed the menu around, and in a fairly time had a list of
pizzas to order.  The order was phoned in at 11:30.

It's 13:42, and the pizza still hasn't arrived :(

Wait ... 13:50, pizza's here.  Thin crust, and not too bad.  Mine was
"Meteor, minus Onion".  From the name, you can probably guess it was
a "Non-Veg" pizza.  It has "pepperoni" (not like ours, but at least
it's meat, unlike what you sometimes get in Europe: pepperocini peppers!),
ham, "mince meat", and bacon.  "medium" pizza is 82 Rupees.


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