A small PA-RISC program to test whether or not your system has the ARIES "LDIL ##, 0" bug is in the tarball aries_test.tar.Z.

On HP-UX 11.23, the patch PHSS_35528 (or the older PHSS_35045) fixes the bug.

Upload the tarball, uncompress it, untar it, and try running aries_test. It will report "you have the problem" or "ok".

If you have the problem, you can work around it via:

   Create:   /.ariesrc

   with the line:
          /fully/expanded/path/name/aries_test -notrans
and then try:
and you should see "ok". Note that the filename in the .ariesrc file must exactly match that used to invoke the program as typed in to the shell. Also, the .ariesrc file must be in / (root) or in your home directory (NOT cwd, but your logon home directory) (This wouldn't be the case if my enhancement suggestions from last year were implemented :)

Sample run:


   Your ARIES has the LDIL ###, 0 bug
   Please consider installing patch PHSS_35528 to solve it.
Note: the problem does not occur on the latest 11.31 DVD release (Feb 2007).